• Basic Mapping
    includes scanning client maps, defining farm, field, and property boundaries, and crop coding.
  • Geo-Referenced Mapping
    provides the basic maps for recording site-specific applications which require documentation of location.
  • Specified Site Referencing
    determines approximate geographical coordinates of any structure or field as well as calculates field or part field acreage.
  • Minimum Field Records
    includes recording and costing of herbicide, fungicide, insecticide, and special R.U.P. pesticides by field and enterprise.  Yield data by field and enterprise is also recorded.  Periodic reports are provided to the client.
  • Complete Field Records
    includes recording and costing of all variable inputs.  Field, enterprise, partial, cash flow, budget, and resource use reports are provided to the client periodically.  Detailed information is provided to improve statistical inferencing procedures and mapping geo-referenced data.
  • Creation of Controller Cards & Data Translation
    to apply products using variable rate applications- fertilizer and ground applied herbicides and insecticides.